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Manchester Music has been in business since 1978; Manchester Music Library since 1994. The library has provided music worldwide for national radio and TV commercials and programs, documentaries, corporate communications for fortune 500 companies, government agencies, churches and colleges, music-on-hold, internet videos, and weddings and events.


The first ten seconds of any piece in the Manchester Music Library tells you you’re hearing something good. That’s because it’s written by some of the hottest composers and performed by live musicians in New York and Europe. But that’s just the surface. Listen further and you’ll hear rare musicality. Real melodies.  Real feeling. Our pieces aren’t comprised of repetitive loops, but develop over their length in interesting ways. And the interest stretches beyond a single track.

Thirty-six theme suites offer multiple arrangements of the same theme, allowing you to produce a half hour program  that sounds like it was originally scored. Most pieces in the library have one or more underscores which can be edited together to form a coherent score.

Music that never gets tired, no matter how many times you hear it.


John Manchester taught himself guitar at age 12 by listening to the first Peter, Paul and Mary album. A year later he was performing in a tribute band, the Upstate Beatles, wearing a Beatle Wig and assuming the role of John Lennon.

He got a BA in Music from Wesleyan University, where he benefited from exposure to their unique world music program. John furthered his education in the groove and American musical styles, playing with Rock and Country bands everywhere from dives to giant arenas. In 1978 he played  guitar for Livingston Taylor, opening for Linda Ronstadt and Fleetwood Mac tours. He co-wrote a number of songs with Livingston, which appeared on various labels, including Epic.

He produced and wrote some of the first Rock jingles in the late seventies, and later wrote national jingles for Hershey’s and Chevrolet. He scored industrials for numerous Fortune 500 companies, including GE, Aetna and Volvo.

In the eighties he became the most successful composer at a major music library, eventually logging over 25,000 synchronizations of his music. It could be heard in numerous national commercials, as a news theme every afternoon on CCN, and for years as music-on-hold whenever anyone called UPS.

His catalog of over 500 compositions has proven to have a long shelf-life. From his first solo piano compositions, written in 1978, through recent works performed by Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, works from all phases of his career continue to be broadcast worldwide.


Our composers range from bright kids barely out of their teens with their finger on the pulse of the latest musical trends, to veterans who have scored numerous films and national commercials. They create a wide range of styles and sounds, but what they all have in common in some kind of flair that distinguishes their work from the other stuff out there. 

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